Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today's Walk

At 4pm today I decided to go for a walk - first up through the suburb, past Peter & Jills house (I see she hasn't felt inspired to finish the mosaic yet).

After 8mins walk up the hill, there's the gate at the end which gives access to the forest & mountain.
Sheez - everything is so electric green! Winter clearly separates alien plants from indigenous here - since native plants are virtually all evergreen, the exotic oaks etc stand out a mile.
Mickey revels in the smells and trails left by animals...dashing this way and that.

Not quite an amelanchier - but a forest grape or monkey rope (Rhoicissus digitata)


Marie said...

Can you eat the forest grape? I think my mom may have that growing over the doghouse...if it's that, it's a bit insipid, but the birds like it.

Marijke said...

Yes - i think one can. Oddly enough I didn't try!
Can you ask her which birds? I'm interested - sometimes I think in the W Cape we lack the loeires/ barbets/ parrots and things which like big juicy fruits...?