Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A new camera

I bought a new camera today. Not the sensible Panasonic Lumix which came highly was just too ugly, and it felt awful - too light, too plasticky. I just couldn't. So I bought something which looks and feels beautiful....a Canon Powershot G7 - I hope will love it as much as my Nikon and use it for years.

Buying the camera at B&H Photo was a bewildering and somewhat sobering experience. I mean my once-in-half-a-decade Major Camera Decision is basically a supermarket transaction. Within seconds the order is a plastic bag on a peg, waiting for collection. Even with six credit card cashiers, they can hardly swipe the cards fast enough. It is a seething mass of consumers, but they are exceptionally well-organised. Computerised orders result in immediate despatch of the goods from the basement via a lift & overhead trolley to the post payment area. It took about 7-8 mins. Mind blowing.

Thousands of dollars moving every minute...hanging briefly on a peg...before it is collected by customers

Trolley track and goods lift


Andy said...

Hey M! Great to hear your news. glad you bought camera - keep shooting! Andy

Kuniko said...

People should read this.