Sunday, June 10, 2007


Saturday I went for a walk with Natalie and Lukas in the stroller. We went past Dumbo (Down Under the Mahatten Bridge) which is one of the areas being gentrified - lots of warehouses converted into lofts and office studios. I like it there.
We passed four side-walk sales...people selling stuff they no longer want or need. Natalie bought a fan for 5 bucks.
I took the ferry to Staten island - a cheap way (it's free) to see the Statue of Liberty and get some perspective on Manhatten island.

Then to Fulton street (it's a bit like the Golden acre) to a specialist shoe shop where I found warm furry boots in the sale - my first boots ever!
A new little park under the Manhatten bridge, with pretty views back towards Brooklyn Bridge

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