Saturday, June 16, 2007

Highlights of the Met

Entrance foyer at the Metropolitan museum - busy, even on a weekday
The roof terrace
Mycenae - decorated pot
Bamako, Mali
Even though the museum is too big, my stamina too short, I'm glad I went. I love the great halls, the grand setting for the pieces.

Time is flying, no swooshing by - too quickly to keep up with the blog!

On Friday I took the day off to go to the Metropolitan Museum. I was going to focus on the Greeks and Romans, but soon got saturated with the marble statues, and painted vases.... can confirm I still prefer the older Mycenean and minoan stuff to the red and black figure Greek vases. Then I started wandering and pausing at things which caught my fancy.
I stumbled across a temporary exhibition on Paul Poiret, a fashion designer around the turn of the century, during the belle epoch. His creations are truly breath-taking - the fabric, the way it was draped, the combinations of colours & textures, the design - I've never seen anything like it. Many looked inspired by the orient, others were typical of the art deco period. I'm glad I had this chance encounter in the museum.

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