Sunday, June 10, 2007

Farewell on Marie's terrace

Pre-party terrace: the roses are recovering after a spectacular show. Now the lilies are in bloom.
Chris & marie looking very composed (note glasses half-full)
Natalie and Lukas really got the party going....
....much laughing and hilarity...

.... while Estorbo looks on from a safe distance

Marie's terrace has become an integral part of my stay in NYC. My first experience was a superb thick steak which she deftly cooked on the barbeque. Then there was the Rose Party, followed later by a long evening chatting, with 'shrimps on the grill' (a.k.a. braai'd prawns). And now she had invited friends for moghita's in honour of my departure.

Every time it's a sensory experience of note - there are new flowers in bloom, the familiar crunch of the pebbles underfoot, easy conversation and laughter, and of course the food - tasty & delicious - and the overall experience is just Yum.

So Friday evening Natalie, baby Lukas, Chris, Marie and I were gathered on the tiny terrace, sipping some seriously strong moghitas and I had a chance to fire away with my new camera. Here are the results.


Marie said...

Hey Chica Linda. Thees eesEestorbo speakeen: ead's MOJITO, chica, nard Mogh-whebber you waar calleen' ead!

Lorf' an a leeck

Don Es della Bodega Dominicana

Marie said...

Ignore the cat. He stole computer-ime.

Ag man, we're going to miss you. A lot. I need a Yes Woman in my life What does that mean? Me: would you like shrimps on the bbq tonight? You, Yes! Me: would you like to go to dinner at Al di la? You: Yes!!

Yes is my new favourite word, and you are a delight.