Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shopping at the Food Co-op

Sunday I went with Natalie to the Food Co-op - around the corner in Union street. It's a members only co-op which has been going since the 1960s (?) where one can buy fresh local produce and most other goods. To be a member you have to work 2 and 3/4 hours a month - helping with packing, stock-taking, cleaning, etc. And Adriana gets to organise this temporary always changing once-in-a-while work force. And, she tells me, all the permanent staff get paid the same, irrespective of how many years they've been working there (10 years in her case) or what you do - whether it's managing people or sweeping the floor. Can you imagine?

It was fun to get an inside view and see the variety of produce. Lukas has discovered back bends and spent most of his time with his head back, looking at the ceiling. So much for all the colourful merchandising and branding...

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