Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Thomas and Jasmien - only a few months left in NYC - enjoy every minute!
Outdoor terrace at Robin de Bois in Smith street
Shop front of Robin de Bois - it started off as a kind of specialised junk shop, and then people used to linger, and the owner would start cooking and pour glasses of wine, and so it transformed into a cafe. I think you can still make an offer on the furniture, like this skiboat, or.....

Saturday I met Thomas and Jasmien for brunch at Robin de Bois in Smith street - to celebrate his birthday (forgot to ask how many years, T?). A french cafe with funky decor and a leafy green courtyard terrace. The weather was warm - perfect for outdoor eating. I enjoyed listening to the stories about your trip to California - not to mention anecdotes of your folks' / in-laws' TEN day visit to NYC. I know family dynamics are stressful at the time, but hell - they're entertaining and make excellent material for retelling...

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