Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to work.... and play

Here's a job I've been working on. The courtyard will be home to a magnificent Coral tree - yet to be found. I casually - no - more likely enthusiatically - said to the Architect 'how about a green roof?' and he said yes - let's do it on the low roof (seen above). 160m2 = 1450sq ft. I'm not sure yet that it's the right place / client/project - we'll see.

After the site meeting I collected the dogs - waiting patiently on my pickup - and crossed the road for a walk. What view.... I love that mountain!
And Mickey sniffing about in the low evening light
Above: It's protea season - there were a few cream flowers among the pinks (snap! for the calendar).
Below: And after gaining a bit of altitude the view of the city below.....hmmmm, it's good to be back home.

Had a 3.15pm site meeting today at House Gubbins. Conveniently situated on a high level road against the mountain so I loaded up the dogs to go for a walk afterwards. Not too bad, hey? While the rest of the city is trying to get home, or stuck in traffic...

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