Sunday, June 10, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new

Buying a new camera has been an interesting experience: during the research phase I realised my Nikon had some great features which I wouldn't have in the new camera. On some level I felt that buying a new camera was an act of betrayal toward my trusty Nikon coolpix which has served me so well the past 6 years. On the way back from B&H Photo I saw my reflection in mirror glass and had fun with the swivel lens....and took half a dozen self portraits (those ones of me in the pink shirt in a previous blog). I felt a bit emotional about it all and decided I would definitely continue to use the's been such a great camera.

On my ride home I took a nostalgic sunset pic on Atlantic avenue, with the East river in the distance. While chaining my bike the Nikon fell out of the carrier basket....on the tarmac, but in its well-padded case, I was pretty sure it would be fine. Excited with my new Canon purchase, I spent the evening like a kid with a new toy, unwrapping memory cards, charging the battery, flatpacking the packaging for recycling, the usual.

Next day I wanted to take a pic with the Nikon, but the screen remained black. Huh? The camera works but no image... a sinking feeling. So I phoned a repair shop and they said it's most likely to be the electronics. Minimum $100 to repair, probably more.

I was stunned....and got all emotional....apart from the stupidity of dropping the camera, was this IT?

Marie and Chris were in the office while I shed a tear and tried to explain. They immediately jumped into action... took special memorial pics of the Nikon and posted it on their blogs. R.I.P. They captured the moment very well - and

No more sentimental pics, no slow transition phase.

Better figure out how the new one works....

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