Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today's walk

Chasmanthe aethiopica is the first of a rolling display of bulbs in winter / spring

Storm - the large boulder is about 12 feet high & dwarfed by a massive forest tree which fell last year.

I find this view of the city gives me perspective - the trees are so majestic and large, the houses so small.


onemonkeyshow said...

I wish Max could meet Mickey - what a cute dog! I love how he's in so many of your photos! A true dog person, you are.

Marie said...

Is the Chasmanthe also crocosmia (I guess I could google that...). It's a beautiful picture.

Marijke said...

Nope - the flowering season separates them well: Chasmanthe is winter flowering, Crocosmia in summer. They look similar-ish.
The former flower is more flattened like a watsonia. But leaves more papery than watsonia - it's a feel thing

Marie said...

Ooooooh. So now I know the things flowering in the greenbelt across the way from my parents' must be Chasmanthe aethiopica. What a nice name. They were always in bloom with the trees bare.