Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Coming home

First sight in the morning - ah! the mountain. Seen from my garden. It's been a long time since I've been on the 'pulpit' - the little blip on the right
My garden - looking green, a bit water-logged and wintry but grasses still look lovely with backlighting. And can't believe that red salvia is still going Pity I missed the Kniphofias doing their red hot fire poker thing.
Mickey is glad to have me back - a play partner at last
Housewarming at my brother's new flat in Bo-Kaap on Friday - a big family gathering with presents flying this way & that because it was my mom's and Paul's birthday (on that day, 22nd June), and my boet's housewarming, and I had gifts from NY and they'd remembered my birthday too, and plenty of stories & exchanges to fill the air until 1am. Phew. The girls (Pia and Josie) were lying on Paul's bed with a magnificent view of the city below..........and couldn't get to sleep because of the trillions of lights and the harbour blinking in the distance.....what a feeling.A mellow supper at my house with friends on saturday night - thick flank cooked for 2 hours on my wood stove

It's funny - it has taken me a week to arrive. What with the jet lag and 2 days of hot berg wind here, waking up at 3am to let the dogs out, and a cold / flu, and work to re-engage with ......I've felt completely spaced out and odd. My brain just wouldn't make the shift and click......but since the weather broke and now it's storming & wintry I feel I'm all here, which is a relief. Work has piled up, my roof is leaking and new clients to see...plenty to do!


Marie said...
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Marie said...

Hey!!!! I was just checking to see what was going on on this blog, thinking,"Nothing, duh, she's in Cape Town," and there's the mountain, and Mickey, and a protea, and the twinkly lights; and a very pretty picture of a portaloo in a courtyard. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Um...are you going to change the name (yes, yes, I know, don't push it)? Jirre doll, I know the bergwind's bad, but today it was like an oven in NYC. The aircon is rumbling behind me, the cat's unzipped his fur (a naked cat is not pretty) and the lilies asked me whose idea of a joke it was to plant them on a such a hot little terrace.They said when someone said in the bible "Consider the lilies," they meant it.

Keep going!